Dubai rape claim woman’s case dropped


A British woman, who was charged with having extra-marital sex in Dubai after reporting she was raped, has had all charges against her dropped.

The woman was arrested and had her passport confiscated after she claimed she was raped by two British men. The Dubai Public Prosecutor’s office said it had closed the case after “careful examination of all evidence”.

It said investigations showed “the act happened with the consent of the three parties in question”. A video on one of the suspect’s mobile phones was found to be “key evidence”.

Officials said there would be no legal action and all three parties were in the process of receiving their passports and were free to leave the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The woman’s father said he had received “conflicting stories” saying that his daughter had been released, but he said the Foreign Office had not confirmed anything yet.

The woman, in her 20s, reported the alleged rape at a police station in late October, a statement from the prosecutor’s office said.

She was reported to have been holidaying in Dubai.